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Lorraine Motel Sign Resited 2016

LORRAINE Print Color

Archival Inkjet Print, Framed, 43″ x 51″


Archival Inkjet Print, Framed, 43″ x 51″

Lorraine Install - Franconia

LORRAINE from Highway

A replica of the Lorraine Motel sign was rebuilt/relocated from Memphis, TN to Franconia, MN. This continues Larson’s investigation in reproducing objects or architecture outside of their original contexts. This motel in Memphis, now a museum, memorializes the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. The relocated replica of the Lorraine Motel Sign, positioned on the side of highway 8, could be mistaken for a possible new development. As if construction is underway. Relocating this iconic motel sign continues a conversation of growth, emphasizing the connection of this historical moment to the contemporary discussion of race, inequality and violence. The replicated Lorraine Motel sign has been built out of the same materials as the original – metal, plastic marquee, plexiglass, neon glass and paint.