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In 2015, a collaboration began with my friend Michael Kimpur, a tribal elder and leader in Kenya and Director of Daylight Center and School. Michael and I are both alumni of Bethel College in St. Paul, MN. Michael received his degree in Organizational Leadership and I received my degree in Art. After Michael learned of my St. Paul project Celebration / Love / Loss, we created a plan to bring a full-scale replica of the Saint Paul Marcel Breuer home to Kapenguria, Kenya. I visited Kenya to witness the groundbreaking and returned again to see the completion of phase one construction. The community has since turned the building into a place of healing.

The building serves as a clinic for the students of Daylight Center and School and the surrounding community. Over the last 4 years, Kenyan and American healthcare providers have worked together to provide quality healthcare to the students and community members. They have treated over 5,400 children and adults and services continue to include full health screenings, wellness checks, and physicals, malaria treatments, eye care clinics, and the distribution of medical supplies. 

Now in phase two, final construction consists of installing windows, doors, tile work, plumbing, and supplying electricity to the building. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to support the completion of the clinic with a final fundraising goal of $20,000. Construction is estimated to conclude at the end of 2020 with your support. 

This effort is being put forth at a time when we all have been in the precipitating world-wide effects of COVID-19. We want to offer these never-exhibited and modestly priced prints as a way to bring awareness to this initiative and to acknowledge the complicated situation we all have found ourselves in. If it is within your ability to support this work, please consider purchasing a limited print.  

Be well,

Chris & Michael


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