Split Room, The Ski Club Milwaukee

Split Room in Studio
Threshold Drawing - Ski Club
ski club install

Split Film, Total Running Time 2:53

With a continued focus on structure and displaced architecture, Larson began working on a solo exhibition exploring architecture, line and thresholds. During the time leading up to this exhibition he rebuilt a full size replica of the gallery in his personal studio where he experimented and documented the space in its displacement. Larson also started a new body of work on board using black gesso and graphite pencil to make repeated line drawings across the surface using a threshold as his straight edge. Split Room included two new video works, Split Film is a 16 mm projection where the film was cut down the center and flipped causing the image to appear divided and reversed on one half. Lastly, there was a concrete sculpture coated in graphite of a mold of the exterior doorway threshold to his studio in St. Paul.

Installation photos courtesy of The Ski Club.